Reasons of Hair Loss

5 Main Reasons of Hair Loss you need to be Aware of

Biological factors are those factors that relate to heredity as well as genetic make-up. There is always a pattern of hair loss that goes a long a family line. For example, if your family is characterized by hair loss among men at a certain age, then 90% of all the men within that particular lineage will lose hair at a certain age. In women, however, the hair loss might not be sporadic simply because the hair will just recede and they may not lose them completely. That is as far as genetic factors are concerned. We might not have a full control over this cause of hair loss.

You might lose hair due to chemotherapy relate treatment

Almost all cancer related drugs are known to be one of the main reason for hair loss. When chemotherapy is done, cancerous cells are forced to disintegrate and cells are forced to rapidly divide and some die in the process. Considering that hairs are made of dead cells, the roots of the hair are forced to divide rapidly and they may die in the process. After a short period of time during you cancer treatment, you will experience hair loss.

Aging is also another natural reason for hair loss

You will agree with me that we may not have full control over nature. Unfortunately, aging is one of the reasons why we encounter hair loss issues. For some people hair loss normally start at an early age of about 50 years and instead of grey hair, they tend to lose hair. With the modern technology, hair loss resulting from aging might be delayed for a while until the right age. Moreover, artificial hair may be implanted and that is the good news.

Sudden weight loss causes hair loss

Excess weight loss is also one of the reasons for hair loss. This might not happen to everybody because people have different genetic make ups. If you encounter a trauma and suddenly loses weight, then your hair will start to thin. Weight loss cause hair loss because of lack of vitamins and crucial minerals in the body.

Hair loss is caused by confused body immunity

Immunity is one of the most complicated process within the body. With that idea at hand, sometimes, the immune elements within the system might react to hair hence rejecting the hair as foreign elements. This leads to hair falling off.